A self-sustaining company requires talent, experience, and diversity

Business Development Group

At the core of any successful entity is a mechanism that keeps the pipe primed with new ventures, partnerships and projects. Hands down this is where the Business Development Group has demonstrated their skills brilliantly.

Land Acquisition & Sales Group

The ability to acquire and sell real estate at the right time and price is the key to success. Pugliese Creative Ventures Land Acquisition/Sales group’s strong network of relationships and knowledge of the marketplace is the cornerstone of the company’s steady growth.

Planning & Development Group

Land use, zoning, sensitive environmental issues and the community’s needs are all important factors in order to ensure a successful project. Pugliese Creative Ventures Planning & Development team has worked steadfastly to develop creative solutions that achieve harmony with local and county government entities, homeowner and environmental groups.

General Counsel

For decades, Pugliese Creative Ventures has had the insight to retain its own General Counsel to handle the myriad of complex legal and tax issues, contracts and transactions. This specialty allows the company to stay on top of the changes in tax incentives, state and county legislation and land use approvals.

Business Management/Accounting Group

Pugliese Creative Ventures enjoys success in a variety of businesses, including real estate management, building construction, self-storage facilities, IP video technology. The Business Management and Accounting Group is the backbone to the stability and strength of each of these areas.

Marketing Group

The Marketing Group handles all facets of public relations, marketing, advertising and community relations for Pugliese Creative Ventures.

Construction & Development Division

Construction & Development Division is totally responsible for the on-going Pugliese Creative Ventures projects. From the beginning blueprints to integrating the newest smart building technology, the Pugliese Creative Ventures Construction & Development Division handles every aspect of constructing top quality buildings that meet the high standards.

Property Management Group

Maintaining the millions of square footage of office, warehouse, industrial and self-storage and land development projects is a relentless task. It requires attention to detail that assures every building and property is at its peak performance.